CPR Professionals has been challenging and leading the CPR and First Aid training industry in Minnesota since 2005.

We provide a unique approach to your typical American Heart Association training. Our instructors research your location, company, job descriptions, and common safety concerns to customize your class just for you! We take a look at your resources (first aid kit, eye wash station, AED and supplies) and review these with your team. We create scenarios based on your specifics to run through real life mock emergencies to make your training more real, interesting and fun.

Our team of instructors are not only medical professionals but also experienced college level educators. This makes a huge impact on the quality of a class!

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Our number one goal after quality, is how to make this experience easy for you. Here is how we do this:

  • We are available when you are
  • We can do one large group together or many smaller groups at no additional charge
  • We train individuals or offer classes for them to attend monthly
  • We supply everything from books to first aid supplies to the latest videos and manikins
  • Your very own instructor can sell you a Philips AED and supplies and hand deliver it
  • Additional discounts when you train over 20 people per year
  • We remind your team when it is time to renew or purchase AED supplies
  • Excellent customer service
  • We stand by our slogan of “We love to teach and it shows” in everything we do.

Schedule a class today and experience the difference!