Are all AED’s the same?

There are 6 current manufacturers of AEDs in the United States.

  • Defibtech
  • Physio Control
  • Cardiac Science
  • Philips
  • Heartsine
  • Zoll

Prior manufacturers were Laerdal and Medtronic and those AED’s may still be in your community.

Are all AED’s the same.  No!

Some are semi-automatic and some are fully automatic.  We suggest semi-automatic out in the community for the safety of the bystander user as you have to push a button for the unit to shock and multiple warnings are given to the users not to be touching the patient.  All do not shock unless a shock is needed for the safety of the patients themselves.

The other difference is the time it takes to deliver the shock.  Philips is the quickest shock delivering at 10 seconds or less.  Every second counts and this can have a big impact on survival.

Philips also has a unique feature with its blue information button.  You can push that for more verbal instruction on performing CPR.

We take the work out of shopping for AEDs.  We have researched all of them and found that the Philips brand offers ease of use, quicker shock, and to our surprise even the best price.

We are now a Philips AED supplier and you can purchase one right from your instructor.  We hand deliver it, calibrate it, and demonstrate your new AED to you at an additional cost.