Common First Aid Myths, Part 2

#1  Any drink is good when you are dehydrated

Dehydration can be serious and life-threatening if it gets to heat exhaustion or stroke.  Alcohol, pop or anything with caffeine dehydrates you further and should not be used when someone is dehydrated or even trying to stay hydrated during sports and other outdoor physical activity.

#2  Check a wound often if you applied pressure to get the bleeding to stop

Realistically, you should not uncover it until seen by a healthcare professional.  If you needed to apply pressure with gauze to stop bleeding and it worked, you have created a clot.  If you open the gauze, you may loosen the clot and cause more harm or bleeding.

#3  Rub or put hot water on frostbite skin

Frostbite skin is white.  If it is black, it has already died.  Most of the time, frostbite skin even if it is grey can be saved if you warm it slowly.  Rubbing it could peel the delicate skin off.  With everything temperature-related, warm slow or cool slow.

#4  People with hyperthermia constantly shiver

Most of the time with hyperthermia, the shivering stops and the person begins to feel warm.  They may even want to remove clothing.  The speech and movement slow.  They become confused and delirious.  This is a very serious time and life-threatening.

#5  If you think you are having a heart attack, go to the clinic

First, do not drive!  Call 911.  If you do not want to go by ambulance and can get a ride in ASAP by a friend or family member, have them bring you to the ER.  If you go to the clinic, they will call you an ambulance.

#6  It is ok to remove an object embedded in your body

Never remove anything in the neck, head, or chest on your own.  This is especially important for the eye.  Cover both eyes and get a ride in with someone to the ER.  Our eye muscles work together so if you are moving one eye, you are moving both.  It’s best to even leave a nail in the foot to get an x-ray and to make sure it is not in a nerve, bone, or vein.  You will need a tetanus shot also even if you recently had one.

#7  Strokes always cause permanent problems

Our stroke care is amazing!  We suggest going to the ER immediately upon symptoms.  Do not go to the clinic because a CT is needed.

#8  No need to go in if you give yourself an Epipen after an allergic reaction

If your reaction warrants your EpiPen, then the reaction itself is life-threatening but so is the medicine in the EpiPen.  Anyone that gets an Epipen, needs to go to the hospital.  Get a ride in and do not drive yourself.

#9  Candy is the best to use for low-sugar

Candy or anything with carbs can work but milk is a great simple sugar that most homes have and you can drink and not worry about choking on.  Any liquid is best.  Juice is a great option also but for kids, milk is a more common drink.  If they are lactose intolerant and drink almond milk or different non-dairy milk, they have even more sugar.

#10  A whole tooth cannot be put back in

Our teeth are in sockets and if they get knocked out and are root intact, they can be put back in.  Put the tooth in your spit in a small cup of milk and go to the dentist immediately.

#11 Broken bones are never life-threatening

A person can die from breaking the femur leg bone or the pelvis by the amount of blood loss that takes place with those breaks.  With any broken bones, if they complain they are cold, call 911.

We hope you enjoyed our Part 1 and Part 2 of common First aid myths!