There is more to calling 911 than you think

Have you ever had to call 911?  It can be stressful and when your body gets adrenaline it is hard to remember simple things like your name or address or location.

Did you know you can text 911 throughout the entire state of Minnesota.  This was created for domestic abuse victims or kidnappings but it can be used in any circumstance.  A great situation to use it for is if you are home alone and choking.  You can put 911 in the number and then put that you are choking in the body of the text.  Make sure to put your address because you are using your cell phone. Also unlock your door in case you have passed out when EMS arrives.

Another good situation to text 911 is when things are getting out of hand in the community and you feel in danger.  Maybe you don’t want anyone to know that you are contacting 911.  You can text so you remain anonymous to those around you.

Calling 911 sounds easy but if you are at work or out in the community and use your cellphone, your operator will need more information.  If you have a choice, call from a landline because the business name and address will come up to the operator.

If you are calling from a large place like a mall or park, what door you are at or what side of the park is so helpful.  Imagine being the driver of the ambulance and you are just told you are needed at a big mall.  Where is the emergency?  What door should you enter?  Typically, they will just drive around a few times if they don’t know and look for someone waving their arms for help.  That is a great job for someone if you have extra people to help.

The 911 caller is so important.  Try to take a deep breath a few times as it is ringing and relax.  Try to remain calm.  The most information you can share about your location and the situation, the better.  The calmer you are the more information you are, the easier it is to help to you sooner.