What are the different levels of CPR certification?

There are different levels of CPR training under the American Heart Association.

#1 There is a non-certification where you receive the training but do not have a need for an official certification card.  This is called CPR for family and friends.

#2 There is a non-medical CPR certification that is called Heartsaver.  This CPR training is for anyone wanting a certification class or someone needing one for work like on a safety team or working at a daycare or school. 

#3 BLS Provider is a medical level CPR certification.  This is an advanced level of training where you learn different skills based on diagnosis and additional resources such as oxygen and a crash cart, and it differs depending on whether you are EMS or in a hospital.

#4 ACLS or PALS are the highest level of certification for medical professionals that work in an ER or ICU which includes administering medicine and more advanced protocols.

Talk with us if you are unsure of what level you need.