What is the benefit of purchasing an AED?

AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator.  These devices are appearing more and more in the community at any type of business.  Because an ambulance typically takes about 10 minutes on average, bystander help is crucial.  The start of immediate CPR increases survival but adding in an AED can double or in some situation triple the chance of survival.

Someone dies every 30 seconds of cardiac arrest.  It is our number one killer!  Quick action, the start of CPR, and applying the AED saves lives.  Putting an AED in your workplace makes your workplace safer, your employees safer, and your community safer.

AED’s in the community are automated so they talk to you and help you with the steps of CPR.  They also shock the heart if necessary so that it restarts in a more normal rhythm.  They are very user friendly and the hardest step is to figure out how to turn it on.   If a shock is advised, it warns you multiple times to not touch the person and instructs you to push the shock button when everyone is ready.  You physically have to push the button for the shock to happen so that keeps everyone safe.

Contact us so we can help you contact your local sources for grants to potentially receive funds so your AED is at no cost to you.  We hand deliver the unit and make sure your team understands your AED and feels comfortable in using it. 

Many places have an AED, but don’t know how to use it or do CPR.  You need to know how to do CPR if you have an AED, because it may instruct you to do CPR after a shock or if a shock is not needed.