What should you put in your First aid kit?

A Complete First aid kit should include:

  • Baby Aspirin for heart attacks
  • Benedryl for allergic reactions (this can be used for serious reactions also if epi is not available and you are waiting for EMS to arrive)
  • Gauze pads for any simple bleeding like nose bleeds and cuts
  • Gloves for your protection
  • CPR mask or barrier
  • Emergency blanket for shock
  • Safety glasses
  • Ice pack for broken bones or to slow bleeding
  • Packet of sugar or candy for low sugar levels
  • Sterile water for eye wash or small cup to use with tap water
  • Tourniquet for amputations
  • Splint for broken bones
  • Gauze roll for wrapping large cut after bleeding has stopped
  • Ace bandage to wrap broken arm or foot to help with pain or create sling
  • Sling for broken or dislocation
  • Bottle of water or Gatorade for dehydration
  • Poison control number

It is also a really good idea to include a first aid book of information because when we encounter emergencies, sometimes we can’t remember what to do and a nice resource to look up the steps can be very valuable.