What to expect at our CPR classes?

CPR Professionals offers a very unique American Heart Association customized course.  At an onsite company class, we look at the following:


  • How long will it take for EMS to typically arrive?
  • Do you have multiple doors?
  • Are you a locked facility?
  • Are you in a building that has security to help in an emergency?


  • How many people could typically respond in an emergency?
  • What to do if someone panics
  • How to talk and work together
  • Have you been trained multiple times or is this new to you?


  • What PPE is available?
  • What is in your first aid kit?
  • Do you have an AED?
  • Do you have oxygen?

Not only do we teach you the necessary AHA approved skills, we then look at all the above to see how it really applies to your workplace.  Not all workplaces or teams are the same.  Not all buildings are the same.  Not all companies have the same resources.

Each AED turns on differently and we want to make sure that you learn to use your specific unit before a real emergency arrives.  We want to make sure you know what is in your first aid kit and what it looks like.  When you are under stress and you have adrenaline, your memory doesn’t work as well.  It may be even hard to locate something simple especially if you have not seen it before.

If your team is new to training, we will show an American Heart Association streaming video.  This gives a nice visual to how to perform CPR.  It shows you everything from the beginning of accessing the scene to the end when EMS arrives.  Then we break down the video and talk about each part.  We start with a few skills at a time and then add in more as we go.  Its important to give quality compressions and breaths.  We teach you extra things like how to avoid making the person vomit that we have learned from doing real CPR.  We have everyone work on individual CPR and then team CPR.  We want to make sure you can use this outside of your workplace also.  We talk about how that may be different with the lack of resources at a home or out in the community.  We add in the AED and fun scenarios like someone having a heart attack, water rescue or one that would be more realistic in your specific work environment.

If your team is experienced, we will do a verbal review and see what you remember.  We may update you on any changes from AHA since your last class.  We will quickly jump in to skills and the majority of the class will be hands on skills on the manikins.  We have adult, child and infant manikins so that you can practice on all body sizes.

We talk about when not to do CPR, DNR, Choking awake, Passing out while choking, and Finding someone passed out that you think was choking.  Number one is your safety.  We talk about unsafe scenes and what to do if you can’t get the victim to safety and you just need to call 911.

Maybe we are coming in to your home and you are a new parent.  We can focus more on infant CPR and scenarios specific to little ones. Maybe you don’t need a certification and you are taking this class just for the knowledge and not a requirement.

Our customized CPR classes are not only FUN but created just for you!