What to expect in our First Aid classes?

CPR Professionals offers a very unique customized AHA first aid course.  Just like CPR, we look at location, team, and your resources.  We will go over these in detail with you.


  • How long will it take for EMS to typically arrive?
  • Do you have multiple doors?
  • Are you a locked facility?
  • Are you in a building that has security to help in an emergency?


  • How many people could typically respond in an emergency?
  • What to do if someone panics
  • How to talk and work together
  • Have you been trained multiple times or is this new to you?


  • What PPE is available?
  • What is in your first aid kit?
  • Do you have an AED?
  • Do you have oxygen?

We will go through your first aid kit in detail with you so you know what everything is for, how it looks, and how to use it.  The number one concern is your safety.  We want to make sure the scene is safe before you attempt to help.  We talk about examples of unsafe scenes.

We practice removing soiled gloves after an emergency, using a epi pen trainer, using an inhaler and bandaging.  We go over so many scenarios from heart attack to stroke to bleeding you can’t see to amputations and more.  We talk through calling 911 and how there is not a charge for an ambulance unless you are transported.  We talk about the option to refuse an ambulance and how to decrease liability on a company or individual.  We talk about when to call 911 or when it may be appropriate to transport someone to a hospital.  We talk about when an urgent care or clinic may be more appropriate than an ER.

If you are new to first aid, we will show an AHA streaming video.  If you are very experienced in this training, we may just discuss these scenarios with you.  Always, we will leave a book for your team to have a written resource incase there are questions after class or incase you don’t recall what to do in a real emergency.

We can also help you with created a good first aid kit and the supplies necessary for most medical emergencies.  You have an option to have this training focus on adult or pediatric.  Pediatric first aid treatment is the same however there are many specific special ways we deal with kids in the same emergencies.