Why get certified in CPR?

CPR stands for Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation.  People need CPR when they are unconscious and are not breathing.  They are typically in cardiac arrest.  Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in Minnesota and also in our country.  Someone dies of cardiac arrest every 90 seconds (pre-pandemic).  This has tripled since COVID.

Many CPR situations happen at home with family and friends or out in our community.  Under 10% of Americans are trained in CPR.  The average response time in Minnesota for an ambulance is 10 minutes. If nothing is done, the average person will die in 5-6 minutes. This means that CPR needs to be started by a bystander while waiting for an ambulance.  By doing compressions (pushing blood) and doing breaths (adding oxygen), you can keep someone alive until more advanced medical help arrives.

Our CPR certification classes teach you to remain calm, assess the safety of the situation, and begin helping until EMS arrives. Whether you take this class as an individual for knowledge, a new parent or grandparent, a medical professional, or someone who works at a company that cares about safety….we train you to use the resources you have available to you at the time.  In most work environments, you will have gloves, a barrier or CPR mask, and an AED.  If you are in the medical field, we can add in oxygen and your crash cart.  In most personal situations, you may have none of that.  We teach you the difference and to use the resources you have.

Each class is customized to you as an individual or your workplace.  Be prepared in case you find yourself in from of the next emergency!

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